Rod Hickman for District 32

Web Design

Rod Hickman for District 32

July 7, 2021

Reginald Glenn - Designer

Web Design, Social Media Setup

Rod Hickman for District 32 was a political campaign to elect Rod Hickman as Senator of District 32 in the State of Mississippi.

The Challenge

Rod Hickman is a mover and shaker from my home county of Noxubee County, MS. In addition to being a lawyer, public official, and law professor he chose to add the occupation of State Senator to his list of accomplishments. In the midst of the retiring of Senator Sampson Jackson, Rod saw the opening to run for the position of Senator in the district that includes his hometown. This included enlisting me to give him website to announce his campaign. After a close race and run-off Rod convincingly won the Senate seat and is now working to take District 32 of Mississippi to a top-ranking district within the State.

My Approach

My approach was to present the site as a visual campaign card complete with social media links, donation buttons, and a quick statement from the candidate. The bulk of the content on the site was designed to introduce the little-known candidate to the electorate. Colors for the site were predetermined by the campaign team.

“This more than I hoped for and love it!”

- Rod Hickman, Candidate for MS State Senate -


After launch, the campaign team was elated to have the website done in time to announce the campaign. Rod was pleased with the work and referred me to others.

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